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Client receiving Shamanic Light Body Healing
Shamanic Light Body Healing

This powerful approach can often help you heal specific issues, that have resisted other approaches.

Shamanic Light Body Healing combines elements of working with shamanism, and energy healing.


What I like about it is that a lot of the work bypasses the intellect, it’s not like counselling which is working at the level of the mind and feelings, or conventional medicine which is working at the level of physical symptoms, important though these are, this is working at soul level.


So, when clients start to talk about symptoms and diagnosis, I hear their pain and suffering but I’m listening for the big story, the journey that they are on that they don’t understand.


So, in this work we don’t work with the woman who has chronic fatigue syndrome we work with the woman who gives out more than she receives.


We don’t work with the man who’s depressed and anxious, we work with the man who has sacrificed his dreams.


It's about getting people to acknowledge and drop their old map, the old beliefs and myth that they were living by, and work with them to create a new map that works for them.


Sessions are 90 minutes, and typically cost £60. An issue will normally require three sessions.

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