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Supportive, experienced and qualified

Hi, I'm Mark Thomson and I love helping people enjoy life more. It is a privilege to share someone else’s ‘aha’ moments and help them succeed.

You can expect me to treat you with respect and to keep your information confidential. I won't impose solutions upon you, and everything I do will be with your agreement. 

I’ve found in my own life that the times I’ve struggled have become turning points for me and have contained hidden blessings that have helped me grow and develop.  And the same can be true for you.  

My own most recent healing journey began when my wife died unexpectedly a few years ago. My mum died the same year, it was all quite shattering. At the time I also had a lot of debt, and felt stuck a corporate career I no longer wanted.


As part of my grieving, I questioned what I wanted to do with my life and realised that my passions were around self-development, healing and working with others. So I did the training and started to follow my dream. And you can too. 

​As you might expect from a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master I've always been interested in spirituality and the mind body connection. The mind body connection is about how the mind and body influence each other. 

I know from my own life the power of the mind and thought. For many years I misused that power, creating horror movies in my head about what might happen, or living in a pleasant fantasy world. Or I would be back in the past, regretting or feeling resentful about what had happened. The present was unpleasant, and I avoided it, through compulsions like smoking, drinking, over-eating, nail biting etc.


Then the penny dropped, our thoughts help create our reality. If we let go of negative patterns and limiting beliefs, we can change our thoughts and change our lives. After living through and learning from the many challenges in my own life, I wanted to help others to make positive changes in their lives as well. There are many simple tools that have helped me create a better life for myself, and I’d love to share them with you.


I still apply my training in my own life. Recovering from self-loathing, failed relationships, lack of confidence, debt, a stalled career, and many other things that troubled my past has changed my life completely, just as it can change yours. It doesn’t change what’s happened, you can’t change the past, but you can enjoy your life now and create a better future.

I know from personal experience how powerful this can be. I can help you to see what’s holding you back, offering you support and guidance as you go forward and take control of your life. I can’t do the work for you, but I will support you all the way, for as long as you need.


Wouldn’t that be great? Loving the life you live and living a life you love? I do, and so can you!

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